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Everything you need to know about Warehouse & Transport

We’ve now got thirteen Regional Distribution Centres (RDCs) throughout the UK and Ireland. They all focus on getting great quality products to our stores.

So just how do we keep things running so smoothly? With a lot of trust and support. Everyone is respected and listened to, and they know exactly what’s expected of them. So while people join for the hard-working team spirit and Aldi culture, they stay for much more.

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What you'll need

There’s so much more to Warehouse & Transport than you first think. It’s such an interesting, fast-paced and challenging area to work in. And while we work to tight deadlines, we never compromise on quality. That’s why we’re looking for people who love solving problems and pull together when things get tough. For certain roles there are a few more specific requirements, but if you’ve got the Aldi attitude, you’re off to a great start.










We pride ourselves on clarity here at Aldi. Yes you’ll work hard, but you’ll see exactly how your efforts, determination and fresh ideas are shaping our wonderful business. We don’t offer average packages because we don’t employ average people. Everything’s designed to ensure that you’re happy, fulfilled and proud to work for us.

Where are we?

There are new stores (and store extensions) opening all the time. But right now, the picture looks something like this. Ireland is divided up into 2 Aldi regions. Each region has its own Head Office led by a Managing Director, a group of Directors and dedicated team of Administrators. Importantly, each region also has its own Regional Distribution Centre (or RDC) which takes care of the flow of goods, ensuring that our customers get all their favourite products on time.

A detailed map of our Irish regions and also our international presence can be found on the 'About us' page

Our application process

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Online Application

We like to keep things nice and straightforward. So there’s an online application form to highlight your key skills and experience.


The interview will involve some brief skills assessments to test your numerical ability and attention to detail. There will then be an interview with a Section Manager and there will also be a warehouse tour.  

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