Aldi Means More

We know you are looking for a career that means more. More opportunity, more prospects and more for your future. We’re exciting, fast-paced and we do things our way. It’s why we’re one of the world’s fastest-growing retailers and why we’re such a great employer. Aldi is a place for people who get involved at every opportunity and see a curve ball as another chance to learn. They want to share their ideas. So, time to join the Aldi success story?

Who we're looking for

Our stores are often the only interaction our customers have with Aldi. So it's vital that we make the right impression. Which is why we look for particular qualities and values in the people we recruit. You need to have all the skills to work in a busy, efficient environment, but also be a friendly, helpful and respectful colleague to everyone you meet. Check out the video and try our quiz to see if Aldi's right for you.

  1. Question One

    Your store’s crazy-busy one cold, wet December. Even with an efficient and talented team, it’s still a really busy time and you’re down to work extra hours this week. Your Manager calls to see if you can start your shift a few hours early. Would you:

  2. Question Two

    Snow, snow and more snow... In fact, the lorries are struggling to get into the car park and unload pallets for the next day’s trading. You’ve just finished your scheduled shift. What’s going through your mind?

  3. Question Three

    Your store’s just had a big extension and tomorrow is ‘the big reveal’. The Area Manager’s looking for a big splash to get a bit of press attention. What do you do?

  4. Question Four

    An elderly customer has just bought a flatscreen telly. What would you say to her?

  5. Question Five

    Our customers love our weekly Specialbuy products, and they've definitely got their favourites. A lady is wandering around looking for last week’s garden furniture offer. She seems quite distraught when you say 'we've sold out'. What do you do?

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