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If retail’s your thing and you’re intrigued by the Aldi story, this is your chance to gain the perfect insight. Our 6,9 and 12 month placements offer intensive training across our Store, Logistics and Office environments, so you can see how we tick from every angle. More than that, you’ll learn a lot about yourself, as you tackle brand-new situations and prove your worth in our extraordinary retail environment. Don’t forget, we’ve achieved our success through absolute determination and extraordinary focus so we’re not about to let you sit back and ‘take it all in’.

During your programme, you’ll experience early responsibility and rare exposure to the internal workings of our business. We’re a big fan of rotating our students across different teams, it really demonstrates how operations fit together to ensure a smooth-running business. You’ll see what we mean in 'A Year Like No Other': a week-by-week breakdown of what you might expect during a Store placement.


We choose students who have obviously done their homework on Aldi, and who impress us with their professionalism, respect and hunger to learn. Yes it’ll be demanding, but the rewards are immense. Generous salary aside, you’ll go back to college with a clear sense of your own strengths and what your future could look like. Plus our high-performing students will be encouraged to apply for a permanent role after graduation.

Want the lowdown on a year like no other?

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A Year Like No Other. Explore the images to see what could happen during your placement.

  • Day 1

    Day 1

    This is all about settling into Aldi, signing your contract and meeting the Store Operations Director who will take you through your induction.

  • Weeks 1-3

    Weeks 1-3

    The Area Manager will walk you through our fast-moving operation and why we’re doing so well in the marketplace.

  • Weeks 4-13

    Weeks 4-13

    Time to roll up your sleeves and see exactly what happens in our stores, from stacking shelves to serving customers.

  • Week 14

    Week 14

    Working alongside the Area Manager, you’ll demonstrate your new-found skills. You’ll see stores from a fresh perspective and what goes into multi-site management.

  • Week 15

    Week 15

    A chance for a breather on a well-earned, one-week holiday. Enjoy…

  • Weeks 16-23

    Weeks 16-23

    You’ll shadow the Store Manager and experience their challenging, rewarding and stimulating role. It’s about learning to lead a successful team and creating an environment where people feel really motivated.

  • Week 24

    Week 24

    You’ll be out and about with an Area Manager, experiencing their day and all the different skills you need to do a great job.

  • Week 25

    Week 25

    Feet up and relax. You deserve it.

  • Weeks 26-32

    Weeks 26-32

    More Store Management. It’s great to be on the front line, seeing how things need to be run in such a fast-paced team environment.

  • Week 33

    Week 33

    Holiday time already? Time flies at Aldi, particularly when you’re learning so much.

  • Weeks 34

    Weeks 34

    Back to working with the Area Manager to gain insight and experience from the very best.

  • Week 35

    Week 35

    Logistics time. Efficiency has always been the name of the game at Aldi and a cornerstone of our success. At this point in your programme, you’ll learn everything from streamlining distribution to vehicle tracking and routing. This is one of the key pillars of retailing.

  • Week 36

    Week 36

    Financial Administration. We’ve built our business on delivering quality products at low prices, so who better to give you advice and special training on balancing the books? It’s essential you understand the fundamentals if you want to make a name for yourself at Aldi. And this is an invaluable part of your training.

  • Weeks 37-42

    Weeks 37-42

    Now’s the time to put all your knowledge together. You’ll be given a project brief that will outline proposed areas for improvement across Trading and Logistics. You can see your work have a long-lasting impact on regional (or even national) decisions.

  • Week 43

    Week 43

    Kick back on another holiday as you reflect on how much you've learned and experienced so far.

  • Weeks 44-48

    Weeks 44-48

    You'll complete more project work, but this time across Property and Administration. It's another golden opportunity to showcase your talents.

  • Week 49

    Week 49

    Your last couple of weeks with the Area Manager will help you fit all the pieces together. You’ll see how everything works as a complete (and extremely busy) business.

  • Weeks 50-52

    Weeks 50-52

    Well done, you’ve nearly made it. Your final project work will focus on Store Operations. You’ll show us how you can apply your knowledge in different business situations, and present your ideas to the Directors.


The main benefit will of course be the chance to learn about Aldi’s unique approach to business. But we’ll challenge you along the way, so you’ll find yourself on a journey of self-discovery. It’s a demanding programme, which is why we reward our people extremely well with the following benefits.

Competitive Salary

We know just how challenging a programme like this is. Which is why we’ll reward you generously for it. On top of countless benefits, you’ll also receive a €30,000 salary (pro rata) for the time you spend with us.

Holiday Allowance

There’s no denying that you’ll work really hard here at Aldi. Which is why it’s important you have time to relax. So with 4 weeks’ holiday allowance (pro rata), plus bank holidays, you’ll be able to put your feet up and come back raring to go.

Future Opportunities

If you’ve worked hard and successfully completed the placement programme, you could be offered the opportunity to return after graduation on our 12 month Graduate Area Manager Training Programme.

Training & Support

You’ll have our full support and encouragement throughout the year – and beyond. We’re just that kind of business


Who we're looking for

We wouldn’t be this successful without recruiting strong-minded, brave people to share our ambitions. We do have quite a specific culture. It’s well-managed, efficient and everyone works in harmony with a combined sense of purpose. Responsibilities are crystal clear and everyone knows what’s expected of them. The question is, do you have the kind of qualities we need? Take a look at our video to learn more about our environment, then try the quiz to see if you could be an ‘Aldi’ person.

We like it here

We're rather proud of what we do and how we do it. Come and take a look.

Do we like each other?

If you're frantically nodding away  to all three points, maybe it's time to take the 'Like' test.

A 2:1 degree

You are on track for a 2.1 degree which shows us you’re not only bright and committed but you have a strong work ethic. You’re excited by every new challenge that comes your way. 

That extra ‘sparkle’

Bursting with charisma, you influence people around you with your passion and ideas. But you also treat your colleagues with decency and respect; you understand that we’re stronger together.

Focused, resourceful and ready to drive productivity

You’re always mindful of the bigger picture and can see how your efforts directly affect Aldi’s success. You’re a tough and resilient character who enjoys the challenges of a dynamic and fast-paced environment. This means working a five day week, including some weekends, as well as overseeing store operations from opening or closing.


Where will the role take you?

The Industrial Placement Programme is a critical part of our business, which is why we're extremely focussed on your future. In fact some of our Directors were previously Industrial Placement students at various locations across Ireland. So you know that Aldi will absolutely invest in your progression. In our eyes, everybody is valued and everyone has an important role to play. This creates a really positive environment that enables people to thrive.





Store Operations Director
University of Limerick
Joined Aldi in 2010

The Industrial Placement Programme is a critical part of our business, which is why we're extremely focussed on your future. In fact some of our Directors were previously Industrial Placement students at various locations across Ireland. So you know that Aldi will absolutely invest in your progression. In our eyes, everybody is valued and everyone has an important role to play. This creates a really positive environment that enables people to thrive.

Area Manager

University College Cork

Joined Aldi in 2016

The Industrial Placement Programme is a critical part of our business, which is why we're extremely focussed on your future. In fact some of our Directors were previously Industrial Placement students at various locations across Ireland. So you know that Aldi will absolutely invest in your progression. In our eyes, everybody is valued and everyone has an important role to play. This creates a really positive environment that enables people to thrive.

Area Manager

University College Cork

Joined Aldi in 2015

Where are we?

There are new stores (and store extensions) opening all the time. But right now, the picture looks something like this. Ireland is divided up into 2 Aldi regions. Each region has its own Head Office led by a Managing Director, a group of Directors and dedicated team of Administrators. Importantly, each region also has its own Regional Distribution Centre (or RDC) which takes care of the flow of goods, ensuring that our customers get all their favourite products on time.


    • Naas

      Opening in 2004, Aldi’s first Regional Distribution Centre in Ireland was located in County Kildare. All of our stores nationwide were serviced by this centre until demand and growth required the introduction of the Mitchelstown Regional Distribution Centre in September 2013.

    • Mitchelstown

      Further south, a second Regional Distribution Centre, located in Mitchelstown, North Cork, opened in September 2013.

  • United Kingdom

    • Aldi entered the UK market in the year 1990. We have 9 Distribution Centres across the UK with 50 - 100 stores in each region. Aldi is one of the fastest-growing grocery retailers in the UK and is also a regular contender for the top spot in The Times Top 100 ‘Best Graduate Employers’.

  • Germany

    • Back in 1961, the Albrecht brothers split the business into two groups: Aldi Nord (North) and Aldi Süd (South). The latter (which includes Aldi UK and Ireland) consists of over 5,000 stores. Did you know that Aldi Süd was the first big retailer in Europe to ban eight pesticides that were found hazardous to bees?

  • America

    • In 1976, one year after our 500th Aldi South store opened, Aldi US officially launched. We now have 1,500 stores across 34 states, plus recent expansion into California. This is where we initially launched our new concept store called ‘Aldi Food Market’ with fresh food and extensive chilled ranges at the heart of the offer.

  • Australia

    • Opened in 2001, we’ve got 400 stores serviced by 6 Distribution Centres. 91% of Aldi Australia’s fresh fruit and veg are grown within the country. Now that’s some sustainable sourcing. We were also the first Australian supermarket to join the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange (Sedex) which ensures more ethical practices in our supply chain.

  • Hong Kong

    • Not many people know we’re in Asia, but here we are. In 2012, we opened the Corporate Responsibility Unit Asia in Hong Kong. Not only does it realise our CR goals in the continent, it also helps to forge closer relationships with our suppliers.

  • Austria

    • We opened our doors in 1968. We’ve got 457 stores, 7 Distribution Centres and over 9,000 employees. Plus, we have 237 home-grown organic products and environmentally friendly cleaning products in our range. And, as of the beginning of 2016, we’ve been operating entirely carbon-neutral.

  • Switzerland

    • Opened in 2005, we’ve got 180 stores, 3 distribution centres and 2,410 employees. The first new store triggered a rush of bargain-hunters in one of the world’s most expensive countries. The car park at Altenrhein was full within 30 minutes!

  • Slovenia

    • Just like our Swiss stores, we opened in 2005. Although smaller in scale – we still have 78 stores, 1 distribution centre and over 1,300 employees. The stores carry around 700 food lines, including typical Slovenian products.

  • Hungary

    • We threw our doors open in 2008, across 107 stores, 1 Distribution Centre and with the help of over 1,800 employees. So far, we’ve won two ‘Superbrands’ awards (2014 and 2016). These awards recognise quality retailing in Hungary.


Advice for Parents, Teachers and Careers Services

Aldi is one of the most reputable retailers in the global business market today. With a simple goal of providing great value and quality, using leaner and smarter business processes, we’re a supermarket that’s getting it right. We’re winning all kinds of awards and new stores are springing up all over the country as we rapidly increase our market share.

The things that make us a great retailer, also make us a great employer. There’s a real sense of clarity: everyone knows what’s expected of them and they can see how their efforts fit into the bigger picture. We’re a very responsible company, always treating our people with decency and respect. Progression is based on merit and it’s easy to see how you can achieve personal success. And, perhaps more importantly, we’re really open. Open to fresh ideas and new perspectives that will help us to become even better. It’s a fantastic place for young people who are willing to work hard and learn from the very best.





Why not meet us in person? You can find out some great information, and even chat to current graduates at a whole range of events. To help you find the event nearest to you, we’ve put together this nifty little calendar. We’ve also included important dates such as application deadlines, which you can then put into your diary.

  • October

    16th October 2018
    LIT Careers Fair
    Moylish Campus, LIT, Limerick
    16th October 2018
    Queens University Business and Finance Careers Fair
    Whitla Hall, Queens University, Belfast
    18th October 2018
    Trinity Business School - Postgraduate Careers Fair
    TBSI Building, 1st Floor, 152-160 Pearse Street, Dublin

Thanks for your interest in Industrial Placements at Aldi. The Industrial Placement is currently available over 6, 9 or 12 month programmes through a number of Universities and IT's including University College Cork (UCC), Cork Institute of Technology (CIT), University College Dublin (UCD), Dublin City University (DCU), Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT), Maynooth University, National University of Ireland Galway (NUIG) and University of Limerick (UL), with a variety of degree and post-graduate disciplines. Please contact your careers service for further information.