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We're bursting with pride here at Aldi Ireland. We’re one of the world's most successful retailers, and one of the most awarded retailers at the Irish Quality Food Awards, the Great Taste Awards and the Blas na hÉireann awards. We currently have 161 stores, and have ambitious plans to open many more (you’ll also find thousands of Aldi stores across the world from Germany and Hungary, to Switzerland and Slovenia).

But, without the hard work and commitment of our people, it would be very different. Which is why we’re dedicated to being the best supermarket employer in Ireland.

Our pay and benefits are amongst the highest in the sector, and we’re renowned for our training programmes. But it’s about much more than that. So many of our people have fallen in love with our ethos, the way we do business, and everything that we stand for. We’re getting things right, and you could be part of it.

It’s been an incredible journey

Where are we?

There are new stores (and store extensions) opening all the time. But right now, the picture looks something like this. Ireland is divided up into 2 Aldi regions. Each region has its own Head Office led by a Managing Director, a group of Directors and dedicated team of Administrators. Importantly, each region also has its own Regional Distribution Centre (or RDC) which takes care of the flow of goods, ensuring that our customers get all their favourite products on time.

  • Ireland

  • Worldwide

  • Naas

    Opening in 2004, Aldi’s first Regional Distribution Centre in Ireland was located in County Kildare. All of our stores nationwide were serviced by this centre until demand and growth required the introduction of the Mitchelstown Regional Distribution Centre in September 2013.

    View jobs in this region
    View jobs in this region
  • Mitchelstown

    Further south, a second Regional Distribution Centre, located in Mitchelstown, North Cork, opened in September 2013.

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    View jobs in this region
  • United Kingdom

    Aldi entered the UK market in the year 1990. We have 11 Distribution Centres across the UK with 50 - 100 stores in each region. Aldi is one of the fastest-growing grocery retailers in the UK and is also a regular contender for the top spot in The Times Top 100 ‘Best Graduate Employers’.

    United Kingdom
  • Germany

    Back in 1961, the Albrecht brothers split the business into two groups: Aldi Nord (North) and Aldi Süd (South). The latter (which includes Aldi UK and Ireland) consists of over 5,000 stores. Did you know that Aldi Süd was the first big retailer in Europe to ban eight pesticides that were found hazardous to bees?

  • Austria

    We opened our doors in 1968. We’ve got 457 stores, 7 Distribution Centres and over 9,000 employees. Plus, we have 237 home-grown organic products and environmentally friendly cleaning products in our range. And, as of the beginning of 2016, we’ve been operating entirely carbon-neutral.

  • America

    In 1976, one year after our 500th Aldi South store opened, Aldi US officially launched. We now have 1,500 stores across 34 states, plus recent expansion into California. This is where we initially launched our new concept store called ‘Aldi Food Market’ with fresh food and extensive chilled ranges at the heart of the offer.

  • Australia

    Opened in 2001, we’ve got 400 stores serviced by 6 Distribution Centres. 91% of Aldi Australia’s fresh fruit and veg are grown within the country. Now that’s some sustainable sourcing. We were also the first Australian supermarket to join the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange (Sedex) which ensures more ethical practices in our supply chain.

  • Switzerland

    Opened in 2005, we’ve got 180 stores, 3 Distribution Centres and 2,410 employees. The first new store triggered a rush of bargain-hunters in one of the world’s most expensive countries. The car park at Altenrhein was full within 30 minutes!

  • Slovenia

    Just like our Swiss stores, we opened in 2005. Although smaller in scale – we still have 78 stores, 1 Distribution Centre and over 1,000 employees. The stores carry around 700 food lines, including typical Slovenian products.

  • Hungary

    We threw our doors open in 2008, across 107 stores, 1 Distribution Centre and with the help of over 1,800 employees. So far, we’ve won two ‘Superbrands’ awards (2014 and 2016). These awards recognise quality retailing in Hungary.

  • Hong Kong

    Not many people know we’re in Asia, but here we are. In 2012, we opened the Corporate Responsibility Unit Asia in Hong Kong. Not only does it realise our CR goals in the continent, it also helps to forge closer relationships with our suppliers.

    Hong Kong
  • United Kingdom

    Aldi entered the UK market in the year 1990. We have 11 Distribution Centres across the UK with 50 - 100 stores in each region. Aldi is one of the fastest-growing grocery retailers in the UK and is also a regular contender for the top spot in The Times Top 100 ‘Best Graduate Employers’.

United Kingdom

Plenty to Polish

We work incredibly hard to do a great job for our people and our customers. Over the years, we’ve won all kinds of accolades and added many awards to our trophy cabinet.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

At Aldi, we’re proud of the positive impact we have made since we opened our first Irish store over 20 years ago.

We have lowered the cost of groceries for millions of people, created over 4,500 jobs to date, support over 330 Irish suppliers and invest in local communities throughout Ireland.

Aldi is a company built on merit and opportunity. Our growth means that we can provide career opportunities for everyone, whatever their background and wherever they work in our business.

However, we recognise the importance of diversity and inclusion and understand that Aldi needs to better reflect all of the communities we serve, as well as providing more support to minority and under-represented groups.

That’s why we are currently making positive changes to the way we attract, recruit and support our people. We want to ensure that Aldi is a diverse, inclusive and supportive place to work for everyone.

Here are some of the actions we are taking:

  • All colleagues at Executive Manager level and above will take part in training that promotes a better understanding of and conversational fluency around diversity and inclusion.
  • Colleague listening groups have been established, alongside an annual survey, to provide a platform for people to share their different experiences and to promote better awareness of our approach to diversity and inclusion.
  • We are capturing data to identify areas of under representation so that we can remove any barriers that may exist in recruitment and progression within the company.
  • Our internal communications channels are being used to promote diversity, awareness and understanding.
  • We are working with specialist agencies to increase applications from under-represented groups in order to ensure we continue to welcome employees within all nine grounds of the Employment Equality Act, 1998 to roles across Aldi.

We will continue to update our people and partners on the progress we make on improving diversity and inclusion at Aldi.

If you have a disability, a learning difficulty, a medical condition or other need, which you feel may affect your performance in the selection process, we will endeavour to make reasonable adjustments to our processes. If you would like to request support with your application then please contact our dedicated careers team by email

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