About Us

Aldi stores are springing up all over the country. In fact, we’re now one of Ireland's fastest-growing supermarkets. But while it’s always nice to see queues of vehicles coming out of the car park, we also know that a silky smooth logistics strategy is more essential than ever.

So what can you expect from the Logistics arm of our business? Market-leading pay, first-class equipment and a strong culture of recognition, trust and clarity. Everyone knows what’s expected of them. They feel completely respected, listened to and integral to the business.


Our Managers feel empowered to make their own decisions. Our Selectors can see exactly how they fit into the bigger picture and are loving their role. The fact is, people might join us for the generous pay or the quality equipment – but they stay for an awful lot more.

What kind of roles are there?

Selectors (Days)

Selectors (Days)

Our wonderful team of Selectors ensure that our customers get the products they need in every store.

We offer excellent hourly rates for the daytime roles, starting at €11.90 per hour, rising to €13.00 per hour.

Selector positions are only available in Naas and Mitchelstown Regional Distribution Centres.


Selectors (Nights)

Selectors (Nights)

Our wonderful team of Selectors ensure that our customers get the products they need in every store.

We offer excellent hourly rates for the night time roles and, starting at €11.90 per hour, rising to €13.00 per hour. There is an additional rate of €2.10 per hour for shifts from 8pm until 6pm.

Our night shifts usually operate between the hours of 3pm and 2am and you'll typically work 7-8 hours per shift.

Selector positions are only available in Naas and Mitchelstown Regional Distribution Centres.


We pride ourselves on clarity here at Aldi. Yes you’ll work hard, but you’ll see exactly how your efforts, determination and fresh ideas are shaping our wonderful business. We don’t offer average packages because we don’t employ average people. Everything’s designed to ensure that you’re happy, fulfilled and proud to work for us.

Market-leading package

Yes, the rumours are true: we pay incredibly well. But in return, we’ll ask a lot of you. That’s why we want you to feel looked after.

Nice working environment

Fresh. Energised. Attractive. Those are just some of the terms you could use to describe where you’ll work. It’s the kind of place where you can do great things. A place where your ideas will be heard.

Excellent work-life balance

We always make sure our people have a great work-life balance. Plenty of time off, fantastic benefits and some great salaries to holiday in style.

Great opportunities to develop

At Aldi we’ll value you for what you can do, rather than where you’ve come from. So we’ll accept, recognise and often implement your ideas and recognise your contribution.

Self evaluation

Are you right for our business? And are we right for you. Time will tell...but why wait, when you could try our quiz right now? It’s been designed to give you a flavour of distribution and the approach you’ll need, regardless of the role you eventually choose.

  1. Question One

    You’re helping a driver to load up a lorry but it’s fairly obvious that all the pallets are not going to fit. What do you do?

  2. Question Two

    You joined Aldi as a Selector a few months ago. One day, you notice that they need a Reach truck driver. You've already got your Counterbalance. What do you do?

  3. Question Three

    It’s lunchtime and you’ve brought in a delicious homemade lunch (Aldi products of course). You’ve spent all morning on your own and you can see the rest of the team sat at a table. What do you do?

  4. Question Four

    You’re coming to the end of your shift and you notice there are pallets all over the place in the warehouse. It looks a right mess.What do you do?

  5. Question Five

    Imagine you’re a driver turning into an Aldi car park on a busy Saturday afternoon. Customers have parked over the loading bays; you’re going to struggle to get the lorry in to drop the goods off. What do you do?

Where are we?

There are new stores (and store extensions) opening all the time. But right now, the picture looks something like this. Ireland is divided up into 2 Aldi regions. Each region has its own Head Office led by a Managing Director, a group of Directors and dedicated team of Administrators. Importantly, each region also has its own Regional Distribution Centre (or RDC) which takes care of the flow of goods, ensuring that our customers get all their favourite products on time.



    • Naas

      Opening in 2004, Aldi’s first Regional Distribution Centre in Ireland was located in County Kildare. All of our stores nationwide were serviced by this centre until demand and growth required the introduction of the Mitchelstown Regional Distribution Centre in September 2013.

    • Mitchelstown

      Further south, a second Regional Distribution Centre, located in Mitchelstown, North Cork, opened in September 2013.

  • United Kingdom

    • Aldi entered the UK market in the year 1990. We have 11 Distribution Centres across the UK with 50 - 100 stores in each region. Aldi is one of the fastest-growing grocery retailers in the UK and is also a regular contender for the top spot in The Times Top 100 ‘Best Graduate Employers’.

  • Germany

    • Back in 1961, the Albrecht brothers split the business into two groups: Aldi Nord (North) and Aldi Süd (South). The latter (which includes Aldi UK and Ireland) consists of over 5,000 stores. Did you know that Aldi Süd was the first big retailer in Europe to ban eight pesticides that were found hazardous to bees?

  • America

    • In 1976, one year after our 500th Aldi South store opened, Aldi US officially launched. We now have 1,500 stores across 34 states, plus recent expansion into California. This is where we initially launched our new concept store called ‘Aldi Food Market’ with fresh food and extensive chilled ranges at the heart of the offer.

  • Australia

    • Opened in 2001, we’ve got 400 stores serviced by 6 Distribution Centres. 91% of Aldi Australia’s fresh fruit and veg are grown within the country. Now that’s some sustainable sourcing. We were also the first Australian supermarket to join the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange (Sedex) which ensures more ethical practices in our supply chain.

  • Hong Kong

    • Not many people know we’re in Asia, but here we are. In 2012, we opened the Corporate Responsibility Unit Asia in Hong Kong. Not only does it realise our CR goals in the continent, it also helps to forge closer relationships with our suppliers.

  • Austria

    • We opened our doors in 1968. We’ve got 457 stores, 7 Distribution Centres and over 9,000 employees. Plus, we have 237 home-grown organic products and environmentally friendly cleaning products in our range. And, as of the beginning of 2016, we’ve been operating entirely carbon-neutral.

  • Switzerland

    • Opened in 2005, we’ve got 180 stores, 3 distribution centres and 2,410 employees. The first new store triggered a rush of bargain-hunters in one of the world’s most expensive countries. The car park at Altenrhein was full within 30 minutes!

  • Slovenia

    • Just like our Swiss stores, we opened in 2005. Although smaller in scale – we still have 78 stores, 1 distribution centre and over 1,300 employees. The stores carry around 700 food lines, including typical Slovenian products.

  • Hungary

    • We threw our doors open in 2008, across 107 stores, 1 Distribution Centre and with the help of over 1,800 employees. So far, we’ve won two ‘Superbrands’ awards (2014 and 2016). These awards recognise quality retailing in Hungary.


Application Process

Step 1

Applications can be made online by clicking the apply button below or you can apply through a recruitment agency by following the below link for your chosen distribution centre.



Step 2

All applications will require you to complete an application form and various tests that will assess your skills.


Step 3

If you are deemed a suitable candidate, there will be an interview with a Section Manager and there will also be a Warehouse Tour.





We’re delighted that you’d like to apply. It’s pretty competitive so make sure you’ve done your homework and that you’re primed and ready to demonstrate your skills. You should be aware that we may ask you to consider taking a role other than your initial preference.